Established in 2002, Florté is a luxury brand of fine artisan teas. Known for our iconic collection of exquisite fruit and floral teas, Florté embodies the essence of French romanticism and decadence from a bygone era. The distinct fragrances and splendid flavours of our teas, evokes thoughts of lush stately gardens and conservatories lavished with exotic fruits, colourful flowers & singing birds.

Our desire to introduce something refreshing, an alternative to the usual favourites such as coffee, milk tea and juices, has inspired us to create a unique collection of teas to share with each and every one of you. Over the past couple of decades, Florté has steadily built up a devoted following and a growing legion of loyal customers across the world.

Using only the finest ingredients sourced around the world, our gorgeously divine creations are available in many different yet equally enticing flavours. The fresh sweet taste of coconut, tropical pineapple, succulent mango, lush berries, fragrant florals and many more are represented throughout our collection.

Whether you’re yearning for the crystal blue tropics or the berry wonderlands of Western Europe, you can be sure to find a tea that will captivate you and your senses.